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Said Al-Muzayen

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1935
  • Age: 88
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Saeed Al-Muzayen is the Palestinian poet and leader, the martyr Saeed Al-Muzayen, “the boy of the revolution,” and he is “Abu Hisham.” He was born in the city of Ashdod in 1935.


his life

The poet grew up in Palestine, in the city of Ashdod, and received his education in its schools. In 1948, after the Nakba, he and his family were expelled and displaced to Gaza. Here, when he was seventeen, he and his old friend Khalil al-Wazir joined student organizations resisting the Zionist occupation.


He was responsible for printing publications, as he owned a simple printing machine in his house, but he was arrested by the Israeli authorities, tried, and imprisoned along with all those who worked with him.


He was one of the first founders of Islamic resistance groups in the Gaza Strip in 1956, with the participation of Kamal Adwan and Abu Youssef Al-Najjar.


After that, he worked in Gaza teaching as a history teacher, and in 1957 he contracted with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to teach there, and he moved between Al-Qunfudhah, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, and Jizan, from 1957 to 1959, after which he left for Damascus to work in the Palestine Liberation Organization.


He struggled through the apparatuses of the revolution: the media, then mobilization and organization, then the military administration, then mobilization and organization again, between Damascus and Beirut, then a representative of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between 1973-1978.


He was a member of the Palestinian Revolutionary Council since 1969, then a member of the Palestinian National Council.


He is a member of the founding council of the Muslim World League, supervisor of its affiliated Jerusalem Committee, and editor-in-chief of “Diwan Al-Quds Magazine,” which was published from Cairo. However, in 1986, while serving as editor-in-chief, he was expelled from Egypt on charges of conspiring against the regime and inciting against it. The Egyptian government closed down the office of the "Jerusalem Diwan" and revoked its license.


And the last position he assumed was the Islamic advisor to President Yasser Arafat.


He dealt early with the word, and endowed most of his poetry and writings to open the revolution and Palestine the homeland.


He is considered one of the writers who influenced the literary movement and the Palestinian National Theater, as he wrote many plays, many of which were represented on the stage.


In addition to composing the Palestinian national anthem and composing many revolution anthems, which were broadcasted by Al-Thawra Radio, which was broadcasting from Cairo under the name “Voice of Palestine, the Voice of the Palestinian Revolution,” as most of its anthems were composed and sung.


He also wrote many epics, such as the epic "Tubas" and the epic "Safar Al-Saif".


How many poems have been written that provoke literary and political controversy.


his death


Announcing the news of the death of Saeed Al-Muzayen in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, March 31, 1991

He died on March 29, 1991, on Friday, corresponding to Ramadan 13, 1411, in Riyadh, in mysterious circumstances, two weeks after he officially announced his defection from Fatah for adopting a position rejecting the Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait.


His body was buried in the “Al-Oud” cemetery in Riyadh, and his death was officially announced in the visual media and newspapers. Thousands of Palestinians and Saudis, led by the governor of the Riyadh region and head of the People’s Committee to Help the Mujahideen of Palestine, Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, conveyed condolences to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz. Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, second deputy prime minister, minister of defense and aviation, inspector general, and Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, minister of interior.


The funeral was also attended by senior Saudi dignitaries. No high-ranking Palestinian figure was present, so that President Yasser Arafat contented himself with sending a message of condolence written on the side of the telegram sent by the Palestinian embassy in Riyadh informing him of the death of Saeed Al-Muzayen, the following phrase: "To God's mercy, we belong to God, and to Him we shall return - inform his family of our warm condolences."


his revolutionary anthems

He wrote many texts for the songs of the Palestinian revolution under the name “The Boy of the Revolution”, including:


The Palestinian National Anthem - Fida'i.

I am steadfast, one of the songs that were broadcast during the battles of "Black September" in Jordan on the Voice of Palestine / Voice of the Palestinian Revolution radio station.

On the quad

The religion of the revolutionaries

Protect the Revolution on YouTube

Victory wedding


No peace, no surrender

with a martyr's father

A martyr's will

This is the response

This is my path


Section of the revolutionaries.

Fatah anthem

Anthem to the Cubs on YouTube

His poetic works

A televised advertisement on the CNN channel on YouTube

Sword and wound.

Song to the martyr of Jerusalem on YouTube

Song on ergul uprising on youtube

Fathouh song in love with Egypt on YouTube

A song for the people of the chairs.

A song in the procession of the departure of the prophet of the revolution on YouTube

Song for fighters on youtube

Al-Aqsa and the Grass on YouTube

Al-Aqsa and the Sword on YouTube

Legacy and Revolution on YouTube

The new wound.

Wound and Sword on YouTube

The wound and the sun on YouTube

Sail and Hurricane.

The Martyr Knight on YouTube

Online wedding on YouTube

Palm and awl on YouTube

The floor and the gallows on YouTube

To Umm Al-Mujahideen on YouTube

Dialogue with poetry.

In defense of the wound on YouTube

In Defense of the Sword on YouTube

Hebron is gone on YouTube

Message to the Sultan on YouTube

Hair swords on YouTube

Jerusalem will remain a Quran and a sword.

Honorable without honor on YouTube

Glory Bird on YouTube

I sang your name on YouTube

In a fulfilling position on YouTube

Poem listen to me on youtube

Tune of Pikes on YouTube

The revolution has one path on YouTube

Military marches at zero hour on YouTube

The epic of Tubas (on the authority of the martyr Mazen Abu Ghazaleh).

With Shahid's father on YouTube

From the deck of Canaan on YouTube

Eagles of Love on YouTube

And sit on YouTube

Martyr's will on YouTube

O revolution of conquest.

His writings

In the Trench of Ethics / Essays on the Revolution (Cairo, 1986).

Safar al-Fath (a collection of poems of the revolution by the poet).

Sefar al-Saif (documentation of the history of the Palestinian struggle).


People will not die / play.

The house is our father's house / a play

Performer / play.

Blood Document / Long Story.

Patrol 96/ story.

Achievements and Awards


Golden Medal of Merit and Excellence - 2013




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