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Lili Karnick

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1939
  • Age: 84
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Lili Kamel Karnick Sargsian, generally known as Lily Karnik and also Laila Karnick (1939 - November 19, 2012), a Palestinian Christian poet, writer, and writer. She was born and raised in the Palestinian city of Tulkarm. She is considered one of the most prominent poets of Palestine. Pioneers of the women's poetic movement. She is one of the founders of the Palestinian Writers' Union. She has a number of literary works, including several collections of poetry.

her biography
I was born to Kamel Karnick Sargsyan in Tulkarm, Mandatory Palestine, in 1939, to a Palestinian Christian family whose ancestors are of Armenian descent. She received her primary, preparatory, and secondary education in the schools of her home city, Tulkarm, and finished high school at the Friends School for Girls. She obtained a university degree in “Psychology” from the National College in Cairo, where her studies in this specialty lasted for two years.

Lee Karnick joined the Education Corps, where she worked as a teacher in a number of Palestinian schools, such as UNRWA schools in Deir Ammar, Qalandia, and Jalazoun. She moved to Lebanon for a while, then returned to her homeland, Palestine, and continued her profession in UNRWA schools.

her literary life
She began her literary life at an early age when she was fifteen years old, and was influenced by Gibran Khalil Gibran in her writings and poetic texts. At the beginning of her literary life, she was influenced by the romantic literary school, and began publishing her poems in the first half of the sixties in Palestinian and Arab newspapers and literary periodicals, such as the Palestinian “New Horizon” magazine, the Palestinian “Al-Bayader” literary magazine, and the Lebanese “Al-Adeeb”magazine.

In the aftermath of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories in June 1967, Lee Karnick, accompanied by Fadwa Touqan and others, began to revitalize Palestinian literary life under occupation. Palestinian poetic writings invaded the scene again, and another group of poets joined the Palestinian literary scene.

In 1975, Lee Karnick co-founded the literary magazine "Voice of the Generation". Karnick was entrusted with the magazine's editorial secretariat. Its first issue was published at the end of March 1975.

In her poetry, Karnick belonged to the school of prose and prose. During her life, she was one of the faces of the Palestinian literary movement, and one of the symbols of writing and poetry in the Palestinian land. Her pen had an impact on the Palestinian cultural scene, and she is one of the founders of the Palestinian Writers and Writers Union. She participated in poetry events, and she is also one of the faces of the Palestinian feminist movement, and she was absent from the cultural scene after her death.

Her authors
She has a number of books, including:

On the Wings of the Moon, a collection of poetry, published in 1973.
“Drops of Longing on the Crossing Platform,” a collection of poetry, published in 1978.
“Shallal Al-Alam”, a collection of poetry, published in 1994.
her death
Lee Karnick passed away on Monday, November 19, 2012. She was mourned by several personalities and organizations in Palestine, as was the general bishop of the Anglicans, Archbishop Suhail Dawani.

Highlights of what was said about her
The writer, Shaker Farid Hassan, said about her: “Lee Karnick is a poet who gathered to her poetic talent a literary culture that enabled her to ripen her poetic experience, adapt the language and explode her semantic energies, and she carried her cross and did not continue the Calvary.”
The poet Muhammad Helmy Al-Raisha misses her, saying: “Where does my carnic have drops of longing on the crossing sidewalk?”
Writer Nabih Al-Qasim says: “Laila Alloush, Samira Al-Khatib, Sahar Khalifa, and Laila Karnick are creators who have enriched the nation with their distinctive creativity.”


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