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Judy Al-Qalla

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  • Страна местожительства: British Virgin Islands
  • Пол: Female
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After some British publishing houses asked the Palestinian chef, "Judy Al-Qalla," to change the name of her book, "Palestine on a Plate," given that, in their view, there is no Palestine without "Israel" on the map, Judy refused strongly, saying: "Saying "no" is part of My resistance.

Judy had launched her first book, “Palestine on a Plate” in 2016, and she also launched an application for the book on smart phones that provides distinctive recipes for popular Palestinian dishes.

Despite her love of cooking since childhood, Judy studied engineering, but she knew that her first passion was to be a professional chef. Many restaurants in London consider many of the popular Palestinian dishes to be "Israeli".

Judy believes that Israel has not only stolen Palestinian land, but also stolen Palestinian food, and this motivated her to open her own restaurant and delve into the field of cooking.


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