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Naji Alloush

Naji Alloush

Sector : Cultural Figures , Writers

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1935
  • Age : 81
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Birzeit in 1935; graduated from Al-Ahliyyeh College in Ramallah; worked as a teacher in Jordan, while also writing in literary magazines; immigrated to Kuwait in 1957 and served as a civil servant in the government; was an early recruit to Fateh and close to its left wing; moved to Baghdad, where he first cooperated with Abu Nidal; served as Board of Trustees member of the Center for Arab Unity Studies in Beirut and used to write for the periodical Dirasat Arabiyyah (Arab Studies) from 1965-72; joined Abu Nidal’s leftist alliance against Yasser Arafat during Fateh’s Third Congress in Damascus in 1971; became a member of Abu Nidal’s Fateh Revolutionary Council from 1970-79; worked as an editor for various newspapers and magazines before returning to Lebanon, where he became chief editor for At-Tali’a Publishing House; was a PNC member from 1974-77; was the only Fateh delegate to oppose the “phased program” in the PNC in June 1974; has published numerous books, poems, translations and studies, incl. The Contemporary Arab Revolutionary (Beirut, 1960), Marxism and the Jewish Question (Beirut, 1969), a study on the Vietnamese experience (Beirut, 1973) and his reflections on the Oslo Accords (1996); among his poems are A Small Gift (Arabic, 1967) and Windows Opened by Bombs (1970); a compiled collection of some of his poetry as published by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture in 1979; currently lives in Jordan; was twice elected as Sec.-Gen. of the General Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists, first serving in total from 1972-80.


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