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Omar Saad, an 18-year-old Palestinian Druze from the Galilee village of Al-Mughar, declared his refusal to serve in the Israeli Army, Sunday, at the Tal Hashomer Induction Base. For his refusal, Saad was sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment at Military Prison 6, near Atlit.

The Palestinian Arab Druze community, to which Saad belongs, were forced to serve in the Israeli army following a decision by then Prime Minister Ben Gurion in 1956. Following the decision, which placed no demands on the rest of the Arab society, all Druze citizens in deployment age were served with mobilization orders. The decision faced serious resistance from the Druze community, who refused to fight against their own people and demanded to be treated in the same way as the rest of the Palestinian Arab society in Israel.
After being sentenced, Omar issued a public statement:
"I, the undersigned Omar Zaher Aldeen Saad, conceded myself to the Israeli Army authorities two months ago, determined to my rejection to do the Israeli military service.
“I have been ruled 3 times in prison, and each time for 20 days, and today was sentenced for the fifth time and in retaliation decision for another 20 days.
“Since one year and a half, I declared my refusal to conscription law imposed on the people of the Druze community, and I refuse to serve in the Israeli army, through a letter sent to Israel's Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and until today I have not received any reply.
“I declare it again and loudly: I am Omar Saad Zaher Aldeen I refuse to serve in the Israeli military army and I demand the respect for my faith and not to be obliged to do things that contradict with my conscience and principles.
I want my freedom.


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