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Fadwa Tuqan

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1917
  • Age: 106
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Fadwa Toukan (1917 - 2003) was one of the most important Palestinian poets in the twentieth century from the city of Nablus. She came from a well-known Palestinian family. She was called the Poet of Palestine, as her poetry represented a strong basis for female experiences in love, revolution, and women's protest against society.

Fadwa Toukan was born in the city of Nablus, and received her education up to the primary stage, as her family considered the participation of women in public life unacceptable. Writing poetry, he also encouraged her to publish it in many Arab newspapers, and called her "Umm Tammam". Later Mahmoud Darwish called her "the mother of Palestinian poetry".

Fadwa Toukan traveled to London at the beginning of the sixties of the last century, and lived there for two years. This residency opened up knowledge and human horizons for her, bringing her into contact with the achievements of modern European civilization.
After the setback of June 1967, she came out of her shell to participate in public life in Nablus, so she began attending conferences, meetings and symposia that were held by prominent Palestinian poets such as Mahmoud Darwish, Samih al-Qasim, Tawfiq Ziyad, Salem Gibran, Emil Habibi, Lee Karnik and others.

On the evening of Saturday the twelfth of December 2003, Fadwa Toukan bid farewell to the world at the age of eighty-six years, who spent her fighting with her words and poems for the freedom of Palestine, and on her grave was written her famous poem:

Alone with Days, University Publishing House, Cairo, 1952 AD.

I found it, Dar Al-Adab, Beirut, 1957 AD

the night and Knights, Dar Al Adab, Bierut, 1969.

My brother Ibrahim, Modern Library, Jaffa, 1946 AD

A mountainous journey a difficult journey (a biography) Dar Al-Shorouk, 1985 AD.


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