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Hoda Nooruddin Al-Khatib

Hoda Nooruddin Al-Khatib

Sector : Cultural Figures , Writers

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Female
  • Born in : 1960
  • Age : 61
  • Curriculum vitae :


Huda Al-Khatib is a Palestinian writer from Haifa, the daughter of the late Palestinian poet and writer Noureddine Al-Khatib. Member of the Palestinian Writers Union and the Al-Misbar Association for Arab Creativity, which was founded on (1/7/1999).

I wrote about the homeland with its joys and sorrows, and I wrote about man with its various issues and problems, and I wrote about love with a delicate sense and sincere affection. The writer Hoda Al-Khatib writes the article, the study, the journalistic investigation, the thought, the story, the literary criticism, poetry and historical studies, as well as the translation. She is also the owner and director of the Nour Al-Adab Foundation for Media.

She was born in Tripoli (Lebanon), studied history, studied Arabic literature, obtained a bachelor's degree, studied English and French, and studied social counseling.



Achievements and Awards

Teaching Arabic to non-Arabs and opened a class for her in one of the Canadian centers, where she obtained a license to practice adult education as a private business, and practiced teaching Arabic, mostly to orientalists, and was providing everything she could in terms of introducing our true history, our civilization and our religion.

  Contributed to the establishment of the "Arab-Canadian Friendship Association".

  She received a number of certificates of appreciation from several bodies, such as: the Canada Day branch of the government, as well as from the Canada Center for the Integration of Civilizations, the Association of Immigrant Women, a letter of appreciation from the police, and a good citizenship medal from the municipality.

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