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Dina Selim

Dina Selim

Sector : Cultural Figures , Novelists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Australia
  • Gender : Female
  • Born in : 1957
  • Age : 64
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Dina Salim Adiba, from the Palestinian interior, was born on April 28, 1957 in the city of Lod. A storyteller and novelist, she worked in the teaching profession and worked in the field of public and private education, specializing in the hard of hearing, people with mental disabilities and educational difficulties. She holds higher academic degrees in the subject of psychology and education.

I was born in the Mahatta neighborhood in the city of Lod, Palestine, into a conservative Christian family of struggling parents. Dina Selim was born between the Nakba and the Naksa, and she carried many life and social experiences that affected her literary work.

Dina Selim got married and formed a large family consisting of a boy and four girls. She moved to the north of Palestine and worked in the education corps in the village of Abu Sinan in the Western Galilee for a long time and then immigrated to Australia in 2005

One of the tragic stages in her life was her son’s disease of leukemia at the age of six. The disease developed negatively after the failure of the marrow transplant, which led to his death in Australia at the age of thirty-five after suffering that lasted twenty-seven years. Silence is one of the autobiographical novels.

Dina Selim enjoys a stable life now, after she emigrated to Australia and after she separated from her husband of her own free will in order to be able to continue her literary career. She lives semi-isolation, devoting her life to reading, writing, radio and volunteer work. The different nationalities in Australia

She writes in the Palestinian newspapers, Palestinian Affairs and Al-Hayat Al-Jadida magazine, and in Australian newspapers, including The Telegraph. She has a monthly column entitled Memory of a Place in Al-Nujoum Magazine.



Achievements and Awards

Among its works:
The double dream is a novel - Dar Al-Awda in 2004
The mourning hymns of the sea, Dar al-Awda, Beirut in 2007
Sadina, a novel of a prose character - Dar Naji Noaman, Lebanon 2008
Barefoot is a novel, Shams Foundation - Cairo in 2011.

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