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Iyas Abu Ghazaleh

Iyas Abu Ghazaleh

Sector : Cultural Figures , Artists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Syria
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1979
  • Age: 43
  • Curriculum vitae :


Iyas Abu Ghazaleh, whose full name is Iyas Bassam Lutfi Abu Ghazaleh (August 14, 1978 -), is a Syrian actor, born in Damascus, originally from the Palestinian city of Tulkarm. His father is the artist Bassam Lotfy.

His beginnings with art
He started acting in 2001, and participated in the dubbing of some works, including Turkish cartoons and series.

his personal life
His father is the artist Bassam Lutfi “Abu Ghazaleh.” The difference in nickname between father and son made people not associate them with each other, so that his success was not due to his father’s fame but rather thanks to his talent alone. Since the beginning of his artistic career, Iyas decided to use his full family name "Abu Ghazaleh", which is one of the families of the Palestinian city of Tulkarm.

his works
From the series
faience bath
lords of money
City secrets
popular legends
People's stories
You are my life
jorn Shawish
summer cloud
confused women
where is my daughter
Lost Years (dubbed)
Jodhaa Akbar (dubbed)
and the days gone
spring kill
Love does not understand words (dubbed)
of plays
Abu Khalil Al-Qabbani
the key
In the house of Kobelo
moon song
winter tale
The sea of lost time
from the movies
On the sand under the sun
radio business
Rose, jasmine and laurel
kings of bees
I read your glory
hey asked
fictional characters
In the dubbing of animated series
Masked Cyclist - Yugi
Naruto - Naruto
The Adventures of Jackie Chan - Jackie Chan
Fountain of Dreams - Issam
Ball Champions - Zain and Jihad
Krypto - Krypto
Card Captur Sakura - Yukito Tsukishiro
Legends in the future - Walid
Me and my brother - uncle Rami
Wolverine and the X-Man - Angel
Dragon Ball Super - Kappa
The Noble Fighter - Jackie
Monster Hunter Stories Ride On - Dan (Part 1)
In the dubbing of series
Prison Break - Lincoln Burrows
Sword and Decisive Vamp - Sword Castle Guard Commander
Star Trek Enterprise - Malcolm Reed
In film dubbing
Mr. Nice - Jackie Chan
The Matrix - New



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