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Amer Hlehel

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Amer Hlehel (Hebrew: עאמר חליחל; English: Amer Hlehel) is a Palestinian film and theater actor, also a playwright.

a brief about his life
Amer Hlehel was born in the Galilee village of Jish, to a family that was displaced from the village of Qedita in the Nakba. He lives in Haifa.

He co-founded several independent initiatives in Palestine, including the Freedom Theatre.

The position of artistic director of the Maidan Theater in Haifa became vacant and he resigned in protest of the political punishment imposed on the theater in 2017.
His theatrical works
Hlehel played theatrical roles in many theatrical works, including “The servant of the two masters” as Trovaldino, “The Virgin and Death” as Dr. Roberto Miranda, William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” in the role of Caliban on the stage of the “Royal Shakespeare Company in England,” where Youssef said “in the role of Youssef,” “The Punishment Settlement” in the role of the soldier, “Diab” in the role of Diab (Winner of the Best Actor Award At the Theater Festival 2005), “Gilgamesh is not dead” in the role of Enkidu and other plays. He also appeared in many films, including: “The Remaining Time”, “America”, “Without Mobile” and “Paradise Now” (Golden Globe Award winner). Also, he directed a lot of works, including: “The Story and what is in it”, “Breaking News”, “Searching for a Dream”, “Thank You”, “Prayer” (video) and most recently, “Al-Tghriba”.

List of films he has participated in
2017: The Gaza Singer (film), directed by Hani Abu Assad. The role of "Kamal".

2016: Personal Matters (fiction film), directed by Maha Al-Hajj.

2010: Without a mobile (Ish lelo selolari), directed by: Sameh Zoabi. As "Abu Khaled", the owner of a beer shop.

2009: The Last Time (fiction film), directed by Elia Suleiman. The role of "Anis".

2009: America (fiction film), directed by Sherine Debes. The role of "Samer".

2006: Palestine Summer 2006,

2005: Heaven Now (film), directed by Hani Abu-Assad. The role of "Jamal".

List of TV shows he has been in
2004: Isaac and Jacob, from the God Stories series: Ésaü

Plays written by him
2017: Taha's play, a monodramatic work written and represented by him on the biography and works of the poet Taha Muhammad Ali.

2009: Breaking News, Al Maidan Theatre, Haifa.

2006: Joha and Bahloul (co-written with Alaa Hlehel and director), Freedom Theatre, Jenin.

Достижения и награды

Awards and Nominations
He was nominated in 2019 for the Helpman Award for the Performing Arts in Australia in the category of Best Actor in a Theatrical Role in a Leading Role, along with three other actors.



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