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Fawwaz Tuqan

Fawwaz Tuqan

Sector : Cultural Figures , Poets

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1940
  • Age: 82
  • Curriculum vitae :


Fawaz Tuqan (English: Fawwaz Tuqan) is an Arab thinker, poet, writer, politician, researcher and academic born in Nablus in 1940 to a distinguished Palestinian family.


His upbringing and study

Dr. was born. Fawaz Toukan on September 6, 1940 in Nablus, in a house full of science, literature, poetry and politics. His father is the former Jordanian Prime Minister Ahmed Toukan, his uncles are the Palestinian poet Ibrahim Toukan, the scholar Qadri Toukan, and his aunt is the poet Fadwa Toukan.


During his upbringing, he moved between Nablus and Tulkarm, where his father was the director of the Kadoorie Agricultural School, Amman and Beirut. He completed his secondary education in Beirut.


his study

Ph.D., Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Yale University, USA, 1968

MA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Yale University, USA, 1966

BA in Arabic Literature, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 1963

High School, International College, Beirut - Lebanon, 1958

His career

Dr.. Fawaz Toukan has been working since 2005 as Professor of Arabic Literature and the History of Islamic Civilization at the American University of Beirut.


He worked as a teaching assistant at Yale University in the United States from 1964-1967, as an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota from 1967 to 1969, as an assistant and then an associate professor, as a professor at the University of Jordan 1969-1995, and as a professor at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan from 1995-1997, and as a professor of Arabic and the history of civilization at the University of Bahrain 1997. -1998, and Professor of Arabic and Media at the University of Bahrain 1999-2003. and a visiting professor at the American University of Beirut from 2004-2005. He worked as Director of Cultural and Public Relations at the University of Jordan, and Director of the Library of the University of Jordan during 1988.


He also served as Minister of Social Development from 1988-1998.


Previously written by Dr. Fawaz Toukan has appeared in Arab magazines, including (Al-Faisal Saudi Arabia), and he is a founding member of the Jordanian Writers Association, the Translators Association, the Arabic Calligraphy Lovers Association, the Jordanian Studies Association, the Royal Society for the Protection of the Environment, and the American Orientalist Society. Editing the Cultural Association magazine, and has on radio and television more than two hundred programs in culture, creativity and documentaries.


His books and works


The Revolution of Astronomy and Astrology in Abbasid Poetry (in press)

The secrets of the establishment of the Pen Association and the relationship of its members to socialist thought, Beirut, Dar Al-Tali’a for printing and publishing, 2005.

Fadwa Toukan: Poetry Anthology (translation and presentation), Amman, Naseej, 2005.

Svensk-Arabiskt Lexikon (Swedish-Arabic dictionary) compiled by Nael Youssef Toukan, Stockholm, Lexin: spraklexikon for invandrare, 1999

Early Arab Islamic Art, Amman, United Publishing House, 1995.

Translation into Arabic: (Christianity in the Arab World / Written by Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal, London, Longman, 1993: paraphrased in Arabic to suit the Arab reader who is not acquainted with Christian theology), Amman / London, Amman and Longman Library, 1994.

Poetry in Jerash (presented and edited) Amman, Shukair and Aksha, 1987.

The poetic image of Abdel Moneim Al-Rifai (criticism) Amman, Shukair and Aksha, 1987.

The Zionist Colonization of Palestinian Land: Settlements 1870-1967, Amman, Shukair and Aksha, 1986.

The poetic movement in Jordan 1948-1977, Amman, Shukair and Aksha, 1985.

Al-Asami (Biography of Abdel Hamid Shoman), Beirut, Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, 1982.

Al-Ha'ir: Research on the Umayyad Palaces in the Badia, Amman, Publications of the Ministry of Culture, 1979.

Illustrated History of Jordan, Amman: Ministry of Culture, 1977.

Mahmoud Darwish: Poetry Anthology (translation and editing) with Ian Woody, London, Karkanit Press, 1973.


Fawaz Toukan: An Anthology of Poetry, Amman, Ministry of Culture Publications, 2004.

Tomorrow we open the city, Amman, DN, 1989.

Save the Sea, Amman, Dar Al-Shaab, 1983.

Buhaira (Six Attempts to Draw a Sunset), Amman, Amman Library, 1979.

What is the roundabout?, Amman, Amman Library, 1975.

Water for the Echo Bird, Amman, Amman Library, 1974.

One Season Song, Amman, Amman Library, 1974.

a story

The Merchant and the Sparrow: A Story for the Young and Can Read by the Old, Amman, Shukair and Aksha, 1985.

a novel

The New Hamlet (in press)

Goodbye Geneva, Beirut, Arab Diffusion Foundation, 2003


Amman between yesterday and today (Amman Past and Present) (a program of episodes), prepared by Fawaz Toukan, directed by Inad Al-Kurdi, produced by Jordan TV, 1980-1981.

A program that documents Amman's transformation from a village to a city through the memories of the people who witnessed it. Among the topics that were raised: Amman, the city of water, commerce, construction, people, global formation, the names of Oman, the Hejaz Railway and Amman Station, newspapers and the press, education.


Jordan in Islamic History (a program of episodes), prepared and presented by Fawaz Toukan, directed by Inad Al-Kurdi, produced by Jordan TV, 1982-1983.

A cultural documentary program on historical sites in Jordan. Among the topics that were raised: the shrines and shrines of the Companions who were martyred in Jordan, the cave of the people of the cave, the Umayyad desert palaces, the battle of Yarmouk, the Abbasid revolution.


Jerusalem is an Arab city, commentary in Arabic by Fawaz Toukan, directed by Inad Al-Kurdi, produced by the Ministry of Awqaf, 1979.

The film was shown at the Interfaith Conference in London in 1980.


Sharq Al-Wihdat (documentary), prepared and presented by Fawaz Toukan, directed by Inad Al-Kurdi, the Urban Development Program of the Greater Amman Municipality.

The film presents the social conditions of Palestinian refugees in Jordan and the efforts of the Urban Development Program to improve their lives while preserving their right of return.


Jubilee (a 50-minute film), prepared by Fawaz Toukan, directed by Inad Al-Kurdi, produced by Jordan TV, 1984.

A film on the occasion of the silver jubilee of King Hussein bin Talal's accession to the throne of the Kingdom, and it documents the history of Jordan since King Hussein accompanied his grandfather, King Abdullah I, until its history by narrating the details of King Hussein's life.


Zionist colonization in Palestine (documentary film), preparation and presentation

Achievements and Awards

Award winning

Best text award for a TV documentary series in 13 episodes titled Islamic Art at the 1974 Arab Broadcasting Union Conference.

First prize in the field of poetry in the Palestinian Literature Awards competition organized by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science in 1977.

State Appreciation Award in Poetry in 1978.

Medal of the Second Festival of Documentary Films on the Palestinian Issue in Baghdad in 1980.

First prize for the best documentary film on Islamic history and archeology in Arabic as well as in English at the Festival of Islamic Archeology organized by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science in Sana’a in 1979.


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