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Mahmoud Abu Rajab

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1943
  • Age: 80
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Mahmoud Abu Rajab (b.1943-) is a contemporary Palestinian writer and journalist.



His birth and upbringing

Mahmoud Amin Abu Rajab was born in 1943, to peasant parents from the village of Saffuriyya (in the Lower Galilee), who are: Amin Abdul Rahman Abu Rajab and Amina Muhammad Kiwan. His parents fled their village in 1948 and took refuge in the village of Aylout, where the storyteller grew up, studied in the village’s schools, and played in its alleys and on its yards. This rural atmosphere contributed to the formation of his conscience and his literary awareness, and we often find these rural elements in his stories. Abu Rajab completed his education at Nazareth High School, and his family moved in the early sixties to live in the city of Nazareth.


teach him

He received his primary education in the village of Ilut, and in 1959 he joined the municipal secondary school in Nazareth, from which he graduated in 1963. In 1980 he joined the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at Haifa University, where he spent two years, after which he moved to Tel Aviv University, from which he obtained a degree Bachelor's degree in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.


His work in the field of education

He practiced education for nearly 30 years, and was initially appointed as a teacher in the town of Tel Sheva in the Negev, and remained there until the outbreak of war between Israel and the Arab countries in 1967, then he returned to the city of Nazareth, and was appointed as a teacher in the Bedouin town of Al-Zarazeer, where he taught until the early seventies. Then he moved to teach in the city of Nazareth, and progressed until he became a deputy principal in one of its schools. He retired early in the mid-1980s.


His work in the press

He began his work in the Arab press published in Israel in the mid-1980s. He first issued with his partner Habib Muslim the newspaper "Venus", a social, literary, and weekly newspaper, which was published every Friday morning in the city of Nazareth. The newspaper continued to be published, until one of the investors came and bought it, but Abu Rajab continued to work in it as editor-in-chief, and later changed its name, making it: “All the Arabs.” The newspaper's political stances, and he issued a new newspaper called "Al-Midan", which he worked on for two years, then closed its doors. But he returned a year later and published the weekly newspaper, Al-Akhbar, in the city of Nazareth, and he continues to publish it until today.


His writings

short stories

The Seventh Hour Victim: Short Stories, Nazareth: Venus Press, 1994 (155 pages).

Gabriel's Paradise: Short Stories, Nazareth: Venus Press, and Al-Mawakeb Magazine, 1998 (in 136 pages).

And Ishmael Didn't Know Women: Short Stories, Nazareth: Venus Press, 2003 (on 96 pages).

Days of Peace and Memories of a Nazarene: Memoirs, Nazareth: Dar Al-Akhbar, 2004 (on 169 pages), the second part of it was published under the title:

Days of Peace: Part Two, Nazareth: Al-Akhbar, 2012 (on 132 pages).

Five in One Room, Haifa: Raya Publishing House, 2018 (83 pages).

intellectual articles

The absent mind, Nazareth: Al-Hakim Press, 2000, included in: “The Culture Series” (on 84 pages).

Aghsan Shiha, Nazareth, d. (on 128 pages).

A Handful of Words, Nazareth: Venus Press, 1995 (on 96 pages).

Peace, Our Country: Articles and Notes on Society and Politics, Nazareth: Dar al-Fikr al-Arabi for Publishing and Translation, 2001 (in 113 pages).

Beyond the Senses: Live Events and Evidence from Real Life, Including the Visions of Sheikh Raed Salah in Prison as narrated by the author, [Nazareth], 2005 (on 72 pages).

Shatha Al Kalimat in Love, Life and Women, Nazareth: Dar Al-Akhbar, 2012 (in 128 pages).


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