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Nawaf Abdel Hassan

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1943
  • Age: 79
  • Curriculum vitae :


Nawaf Abd Hassan (born in Musmus in 1943 and died on September 22, 2003 there), is a Palestinian poet, writer and translator.


His upbringing and education

Nawaf Abdel Hassan was born in 1943 in the village of Musmus in the Northern Triangle. He lived as an orphan, and grew up in his family. He learned in primary school and left school in the eighth grade. He worked in his early youth in a brick factory in Tel Aviv, then worked as an employee in the labor office in Baqa al-Gharbiyye, after which he learned the court profession and worked in it for a period of time. » issued by the association. When the doors of the center closed, he returned to work in the court profession.


in literature

He wrote poetry and literary and critical articles, and translated international literary works into Arabic, including the play “Blood Wedding” by Lorca, and the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett.


He published his poems, articles and writings in newspapers, literary magazines, and cultural supplements, including “Al Anbaa,” “Al Sharq,” “Al Bayader Literary,” “Mashaweer,” “The Free Word,” and “Kol Al Arab.” He wrote editorials for Canaan magazine, and wrote introductions to books issued by The Center for Reviving Arab Heritage, including the book “Khalil Sakakini between Loyalty and Memory,” the complete poetic works of the late Palestinian poet Rashid Hussein, and the book “Message in Rejection” by the poet and thinker Ahmed Hussein.


He was a member of the "Al-Sawt" cultural association in Nazareth, and the "Revival of Rashid Hussein's Heritage" association, which was headed by lawyer Ali Rafea.


But he did not collect his writings and did not issue books.


models of his hair

Nawaf wrote poetry on various poetic topics, and among his most famous poems is a poem between two steps:


Death fertilizes me, the wound of longing, and the clouds of souvenirs


The remnants of conscience, the life of the coming pain, and the middle of the east


Ripple a self-eunuch knot.


The cafe asked me:


The era of fornication at the doors?


Silence caught me.. the words vanished on my lips, closed the heart


The bite, the antichrist, and faces stricken with no's collide


Fear lifted me to the thresholds of old age


It grows with lazy eyes, with infantile gray hair


Silence takes over with the voice chanting in the language


The bad breath challenges you through the fingers of a newscast


And the landlords with the dead on the sidewalks of the poor


Still, I know, in the tight, safe rooms


I lie like ropes of vine


In the longing of a woman who fornicates, she gives birth to all the defeated for an age to come


his death

On Tuesday 9/22/2003, Nawaf died of a severe cerebral hemorrhage, and after a deep coma for ten days in the hospital.


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