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Abdul Rahim Omar

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: United Kingdom
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1924
  • Age: 98
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Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Omar (August 14, 1929 - August 12, 1993), Palestinian poet.

Childhood and profession

Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Omar was born in the town of Jayyus, south of Tulkarm, on August 14, 1929, and studied at its primary school. In 1940, he moved to Qalqilya, then to Tulkarm Secondary School, where he completed in 1948 the “Passing to Higher Education” certificate. After graduating, he worked as a teacher in the village school, then in early 1952 he went to work as a teacher in the schools of Kuwait, where he spent seven years, after which he returned to Jordan, to work in the media field. He worked in the radio since 1959, and in 1964 became head of the cultural department, then was appointed editor-in-chief of the magazine “Afkar” between the years 1966-1967, then returned to the radio to take the position of assistant director, and then became its director in 1970. Culture and Arts in 1971, and contributed to the establishment of the Jordanian Writers Association in 1974, and was elected president of the association for more than one term.


He participated in many Jordanian and Arab cultural events, and was the head of the poetry committee at the Jerash Festival for several years, and a member of the founding committee of the Center for Freedom and Democracy Studies. He wrote press articles for Jordanian newspapers and magazines, and was among the team that contributed to the establishment of the Jordanian newspaper, Al Rai. And he had a corner in it under the title "I say a word." He received the Independence Medal of the First Class, the State Appreciation Award for Literature, and the Arar Prize for Poetry.


his works

him in poetry:


Songs for Silence, Dar Al Kateb Al Arabi, Beirut, 1963.

Before and After, Amman Library, Amman, 1970.

Sleeping Poems, The Arab Printing and Publishing Company, Amman, 1979.

Songs of the Seventh Departure, Department of Culture and Arts, Amman, 1985.

The Complete Poetic Works, (includes the previous four collections), Amman Library, Amman, Volume 1, 1989.

Teh and Nar, Ministry of Culture, Amman, 1993.

After all, Ministry of Culture, Amman, 1997.

He has a number of poetic plays, some of which are printed, and some of which were shown on stage, and some of them are in manuscript. These plays are:


Nymphs of the Palace, 1964.

Tell Al-Arayes, 1965.

Via Dolorosa, 1668.

Khaleda, 1970.

Words will not die.

fathers and sons.

Left and Zionism.



A Face with Millions of Eyes, Carmel House, Amman, 1984 (it was published in the first volume containing his complete works in 1989).

Stone revolution.

He has a number of manuscripts:


My Poetic Experience (describes the features of his poetic experience and its development).

Although words are restricted. It is the second part of his complete works that he intended to publish, and it includes: excerpts from confiscated poems, despite the siege of words, small stations (poems written in 1979 following the death of the poet's father and his visit to his village Jayyus) and miscellaneous poems.

his death

He died in London on 12/9/1993.


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