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Hassan Hamid

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  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1955
  • key_age: 67
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Hassan Hamid is a Palestinian fiction writer and novelist researcher, born in 1955 in the Palestinian Galilee, in Karad Baggara, Safed District. 1999 for the novel "The Bridge of the Daughters of Jacob", which was translated into French and Turkish.


His professional career

He was born in 1955 in the Palestinian Galilee, in Karad Al-Baqara, in the district of Safad, lived in the diaspora camps in Syria, and received his education in Quneitra and Damascus, where he worked as a teacher. In newspapers and magazines, and then switched to story and novel, at that time, heavy names in the Syrian cultural scene contributed to his support and encouragement, such as the late journalist Haider Ali, novelist Abdel Nabi Hijazi, and playwright Ali Oqla Ersan. Some of his stories and novels were translated into English, French, and German languages. Persian, Chinese, and Armenian.


He joined the University of Damascus and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Department of Philosophy and Sociology in 1980, a Diploma in Education in 1981, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 1982, then obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic from the Beirut Arab University, and was appointed editor-in-chief of the literary week newspaper. The Literary Position magazine issued by the Arab Writers Union in Syria, as well as a member of the Story and Novel Society of the Arab Writers Union.


He focused on the portable Palestinian history and folklore, approached the reality of the simple and deprived people, lived in the camp and lived through all this and that was evident in the literature he wrote. or footnotes, or comments) as in his novel “The Bridge of the Daughters of Jacob”, as well as weaving his Arabic novel “Come, let us fly the autumn leaves” from the Roman theater, where the characters conduct a dialogue on the stage, then one character comes and comments on the events, and the dialogue .. denial or confirmation or addition.


He still lives in Syria, the Levant, in the city of Damascus.


His literary works


1996 - "Come, let's fly the autumn leaves": The Arab Writers Union, Damascus

1999 - “Jasser Daughters of Jacob”: Union of Arab Writers, Damascus

2005 - “The River in Winter Shirts”: Palestinian Ministry of Culture, Palestine

2013 - “Annin al-Qasab’s Novel”: The Syrian General Book Organization, Damascus

2016 - “The City of God”: The Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, Lebanon

2018 - “I Was There”: The Syrian Ministry of Culture, Damascus

2019 - “Al-Karaki”: The Syrian General Book Organization, Damascus

2020 - Khatun Khanum Street: Lines and Shades for Publishing and Distribution, Amman

2021 - “Al-Jurjamani”: New Dilmun House, Damascus


1986 - “Saffron and the Dark Treads”: Dar Tlass, Damascus

2007 - “On Surprise and Pain”: Al-Arabi Magazine, Kuwait

2008 - “On Her Balcony”: Dar Al-Yazawi Scientific, Amman

2008 - “So that the salt does not spoil”: Dar Al-Shorouk for Printing and Publishing, Beirut

2009 - “Back Home”: The Arab Writers Union, Damascus

Literary studies

1999 - “Purple Spots”: The Arab Writers Union, Damascus

2001 - "Hebrew Literature: References - Terminology - Visions": Dar Al-Sawsan, Damascus

2006 - “One Thousand and One Nights The Storytelling Coma... The Listening Coma”: The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo

2009 - “The Arab Mental Constants and Cognitive Variables”: Nineveh House, Damascus

2017 - “The Palestinian cause in its bicentenary, from Sykes-Picot to the Arab Spring”: Dar Al-Farabi, Beirut.

2009 - “Al-Maleh’s Rendezvous in the Salty Time”: The Arab Writers Union, Damascus

2018 - “The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe Tawil”: Arab Press Agency, Giza

2020 - “The Elephants of the Forest… A Cognitive Approach”: Dar Kanaan for Studies and Publishing, Damascus

2020 - “Life Lovers… A Cognitive Approach”: The Syrian Ministry of Culture, Damascus

Достижения и награды

his prizes

The novel “Come, let us fly the autumn leaves” won the Souad Al-Sabah Prize for Intellectual and Literary Creativity in 1990

"Let's Fly the Autumn Leaves" won the Naguib Mahfouz Prize

He won the 1999 Naguib Mahfouz Prize for the novel “The Bridge of the Daughters of Jacob” (the 1999 award went to Edward Kharrat for “Rama and the Dragon).

The novel “Come We Fly Autumn Leaves” won the King Abdullah II Prize in the Novel Field of the King Abdullah II Awards for Creativity for the year 2002, but the award’s board of trustees withdrew the award from Hassan Hamid and awarded it equally to Ahmed Rafiq Awad and Hamdani, after it became clear that the novel submitted for the award had won the Souad Prize Al-Sabah in 1990, according to the letter of Dar Souad Al-Sabah Company dated 10/28/2002, which clearly violates the third clause of Article VII of the instructions for awarding the award.

Nominated by literary sites among the first personalities of literature and culture for the year 2009

2017 - Second place in the Hanna Mina Prize in 2017 for the novel “The Spiny Plant”

The novel “The Jacob’s Daughters Bridge” was chosen as one of the 100 most important Arab novels of the twentieth century

2018 - Second place in the Al-Tayeb Salih International Prize for Written Creativity in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, in its eighth session, in the short story branch, for his “Marmariti” collection.

The novel “Al Karaki” was nominated in the long list of the literature branch of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in its fourteenth session for the year 2019/2020

The novel “City of God” won the award for the best novel written about Jerusalem, which was held by the Jerusalem Intellectuals Forum in cooperation with the Palestinian Writers Union in 2020.

He has won many literary awards in Syria (the Arab Writers Union award, newspaper awards, Al-Battani award...etc) and the Arab world (Mahmoud Taymour Award,...etc) and a third award for Arabic story in Germany

He was honored at an honoring ceremony organized by the Story and Novel Society of the Arab Writers Union in Syria for his literary gift.




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